Broken cobblestone acquired from Gothenburg City's storage of building materials and repaired with stone glue and a one handed bar clamp. 

The city's department for park and nature has been offered the stone back in use, but with no interest as of today. 

A power switch was installed on a local street lamp, interrupting the flow of light over its immediate surrounding.  

Made possible through a dialogue with the city of Kalmar's public administration. 
Commissioned as part of a light festival, illuminating the area - or not. 

A dwelling space built from untreated pine, on a parking lot in Heimdal, Norway. 

The space is referred to as 'Heimdals Square', and the installation was called 'The Tower of Heimdal' by the locals. Their reactions through the years the tower was standing, and their memory of the public square was recorded. An offer was put together with an architect, to 'recreate' the square from the recorded stories  - it was turned down and instead two trees and a bench was placed on the site. 

Currently occupied with, and often acting through, 'Kiosken' since 2018. 
Now looking at what goes in to the public planning, building, and making of a common space, in this case a square.  

' Kiosken is a kiosk, a platform challenging the ideas of how a kiosk operates in relation to its immediate surrounding. In this case; an industrial area in the midst of large changes.
It's run on site by a smaller group of artists, but Kiosken also exists as a producing artist collective. A larger group of actors, a peripheral network of both artists and non-artists contributing to the kiosk in various ways. '